What is Apptus Academy?

Apptus Academy provides self-paced learning to introduce customers and partners to eSales that is done completely online. The training supports the onboarding process as well as long-term interaction/ use of eSales.
The training is aimed to provide a conceptual and practical introduction that would ease the journey for customers and partners in achieving their goals through eSales. 

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Who can participate in Apptus Academy

The training is aimed for:


Training that provides an introduction to eSales, as well as an introduction to eSales functionalities that would support merchandisers to achieve their business goals.


Technical training tailored for developers who will integrate eSales into an eCommerce solution.

Project Managers and Solution Architects

Training that provides an overview of the onboarding process that will support when overseeing and ensuring the success of eSales integration into an eCommerce solution.

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How to participate

Currently, we only offer training to our partners, customers, and prospects.  Participation is by agreement and invitation only.

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